Advocate for the arts

How to show the value of the arts to parents, students and senior leaders

Why the arts are important in schools

There is a huge amount of research demonstrating that it is important for young people to experience the arts; ranging from sustaining the substantial contribution made by the creative industries to the UK economy, to building the audiences of the future, and increasing cultural capital for young people.

There is also a wealth of evidence that taking part in the arts can help to develop what are often called ‘soft’ skills, but which are actually essential for success in the modern world: resilience, teamwork, communication, confidence, empathy, creativity and entrepreneurship.

This resource has been created to help heads of department and teachers to advocate for the visual arts to parents, students and senior leaders. 

Value of the arts

Make parents aware of the impact of the arts on their children's lives, and the positive effect of arts participation on mental and physical health and cognitive abilities as well as on their future career prospects.

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Celebrating achievement

Do you ever find your subject is overlooked in favour of core subjects? Or that sports and performing arts get more recognition for their enrichment offers? Show your senior leadership team how the visual arts contribute to whole school outcomes.

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Encouraging students to pursue the arts can be a challenge, especially at Key Stages 4 and 5. But perhaps more students would be tempted if they realised how the arts could help them to prepare for further study?

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