Arts provision to suit your budget

Whether you’re on a shoestring, or able to spend a few more pennies on your school’s arts provision, Annabel Thomas, Arts Development Manager, offers a range of ideas for arts activities to suit every budget.

Annabel Thomas
by Annabel Thomas

The benefits of experiencing the arts are widely known, but many primary schools are having to prioritise other areas due to limits on overall resources.

To support classroom teachers and arts coordinators looking to stand up for the arts at schools where finances are limited - alongside those with a little more funding available - our resource shows how meaningful arts provision can be provided at a range of budget points.

Arts provision on a budget

Benefits offered by the arts

The arts - music, drama, dance and making art - are vital for many reasons:
  • The enjoyment they provide pupils when they create and participate in arts activities
  • They develop communication skills that are essential for success in 21st century life
  • They encourage problem solving, lateral thinking, confidence and independence
  • They help children gain insight into the professional world of the arts
  • They aid progress in other academic areas, building a pathway for their futures.
Aside from these benefits, schools also need to demonstrate to Ofsted that they are offering a broad and balanced curriculum. Having a range of arts subjects offered in your school will help ensure you are fulfilling this requirement, and providing a curriculum which works for every child.

Which activities can you offer?

We’ve created a handy arts activity ideas generator to help you offer quality provision. Simply tell us your budget per child - either £2, £5 or £15 and we’ll provide you with our ideas for arts provision at your school.

Arts provision ideas generator