Getting going with Gold

Inspiration and support for advisers who would like to offer Gold Arts Award

Gold Arts Award is a valuable addition to any young creative's CV.
'The experiences I gained through Gold have led to my second graduate job as a Marketing Officer. They were really impressed by my experience working with young people and in social media.' Ellen

The Level 3 qualification challenges young people to extend their own arts practice, supports them to connect with the professional arts world and to gain hands on experience of leading an arts project.

There are lots of reasons to run Gold Arts Award. Advisers from a range of centres told us why they are offering Gold - click on the boxes to read their reasons.

If you are thinking of delivering Gold, you may like our blog post full of practical ideas to help you support young people to achieve Gold Arts Award at the present time.

National Youth Dance Company

Developing transferrable skills

‘I have delivered this course for the past two years as an enrichment option in Year 12. I love how it not only allows students to be creative, but it also teaches them a range of invaluable skills such as organising, planning, devising and risk assessing. They work independently and collaboratively as a group in a range of ways which provides them with skills for life.’
Ruth Murray, English Teacher and Head of Year 7, Wirral Grammar School for Girls

‘This is a learning pathway and framework that works with dyslexic strengths. Young people who have not attained so well in formal learning settings can use Gold Arts Award as a springboard for their learning and career success. This award provides scope for young dyslexic people to express themselves and to learn and attain from a position of strengths and interest.’
Katie Carmichael, Career Coach, Dyslexia Scotland

Supporting independent learning

‘We have delivered Gold Arts Award for six years and it has been a wonderful tool for developing young people's creativity and independent learning. Some amazing projects have come out of the programme.’
Linda Salway, Head of Partnership and Arts Award Programme, Eastbourne College

Broadening arts opportunities at sixth form

‘I want to widen arts education for those students not studying an arts A Level and give those are already doing an arts A Level an opportunity to widen their knowledge and understanding of different arts skills.’
Beckie Voller, Head of Arts and MFL, St Bede's and St Joseph's Catholic College

‘To offer more arts opportunities at sixth form level. To give an alternative to EPQ (Extended Project Qualification).’
Laura Hayward, Assistant Director of Music, Rendcomb College

UCAS points

‘I am interested in promoting the arts in my school and specifically the possibility of students gaining extra UCAS points.’
Craig Knight, Teacher of Art and Design (A Level), Stockton Sixth Form College

Recognising homeschool arts attainment

‘Home schooled students find it difficult to attain a GCSE in art as their portfolio is not accepted. It’s a natural progression for my home educated students once they have completed Silver. Gold Arts Award is seen as a good alternative for Arts GCSE in the home education community.’
Hayley Hare, Homeschool educator


‘We are trying to get the Gold Arts Award programme adopted into the main curriculum. I think that our young people need the arts to help them through this difficult time.’
Lisa Judson, Bilborough Xtra team, Bilborough College

‘I have previous experience of delivering Gold and it is very rewarding for all involved. My students have exciting plans.’
Judith Tutin, Head of Creative and Performing Arts, Truro High School for Girls