Discover at Home

A resource pack full of ideas for remote or home completion of Arts Award Discover

Introducing Arts Award Discover at Home

What started as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic has become a permanent part of the Arts Award offer. Developed to enable families to complete Arts Award Discover remotely, at home or online this resource pack provides ideas for completion and information on how to gain your Arts Award Discover certificates.

What is Discover at Home? 

Discover at Home is a resource pack. If you would like to apply for a Discover certificate you will need to complete the activities with a registered Arts Award centre, but families are welcome to use this resource pack to structure creative activities at home, without the need to achieve a certificate.

Discover at Home is a special version of Arts Award Discover, the first level of Arts Award. Arts Award is a set of awards for children and young people aged 25 and under that gets them involved in and excited about arts and culture and celebrates their creative achievements. This unique qualification is managed by Trinity College London College London in association with Arts Council England in England and is normally available across the UK through schools and centres that offer arts activities.

Discover at Home is aimed at children aged 11 and under.  

Discover at Home is a set of resources from Arts Award and Trinity College London. The resource pack you can download here is designed to enable anyone to support a child or young person through their Discover at Home journey, even if you don’t have any prior knowledge or understanding of Arts Award. However, we always recommend that any Discover programmes are developed and delivered by a trained Arts Award adviser.

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If you have any questions or require any more support please contact us. We hope you enjoy completing Discover at Home, and can’t wait to see your creativity in action – let us know what you do on social media by tagging us @ArtsAward  

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For parents & carers

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Discover at Home enables children to be rewarded for the creative activities they enjoy and supports them to connect with their local museums, theatres and arts activities they like, online or at home, and explore new ones, until it’s possible to visit them again. 


Discover at Home is a great option for parents & carers who may not be arts specialists themselves or are looking for something different to keep children engaged and entertained. They can even gain a certificate (subject to you applying for this via an Arts Award centre)! 


This resource has been designed for parents & carers to use with younger children, aged up to 11, although you can use this with children of any age. We recommend you connect with your local or national Arts Award centres or Supporters for guidance on how to complete your Arts Award Discover. We suggest families use their local area as a starting point for any online Discover at Home programme. 


The use of these resources and access to the Discover at Home framework is free. If you would like to apply for the certificate available for completing the level, there is a small cost involved (usually £4 but this may vary)


Further support is available from the Arts Award team.


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For Arts Award centres and advisers

Arts Award Discover at Home – advice and guidance for registered Arts Award centres 


Download guidance for  Arts Award centres 

We know that many schools and arts organisations have adapted their delivery to over the past year, and some of this changes may be permanent. To support this we have produced a downloadable resource pack with a generic template log for Arts Award Discover called Discover at Home; guidance for parents, carers and children; as well as ideas for activities to complete for all parts of Discover at Home. Discover at Home is designed to be a light touch, easy to access version of Arts Award Discover to reflect the different way children and their families are currently accessing the arts and culture.  


If you are an existing centre, you will likely have your own programme, logs or suggestions for children and you don’t have to use these resources. We have also created detailed guidance for parents and carers who may not be familiar with Arts Award, or confident with the arts more generally. 


Download guidance for  Arts Award centres

Local inspiration

Discover at Home in your area

If you are in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland and would like to achieve Discover at Home, you can search for a local centre. Contact the Arts Award team for additional guidance and support.