The Local Cultural Education Partnership offer from Arts Award

Find out how we can support you to meet your CEP strategic aims, and be confident about advocating for the award throughout your partnership

Trinity College London is excited to be hosting a series of conversations with Cultural Education Partnership across the country, and you’re invited to join us.

We’ve consulted with, and listened to feedback from CEPs across the regions and these resulting networking events aim to provide a national platform for CEP members and partners to come together to share and shape their approaches to Arts Award.

We’ll be sparking conversations about Arts Award leadership as part of the CEP structure and how Arts Award can support your CEP’s Story of Change. We will explore the best ways to advocate for Arts Award when working in partnership with schools, and how to approach a place-based delivery model with members of your CEP across towns and cities.

Trinity College London is an international awarding organisation and UK-based charity, offering Arts Award as one of a number of certificates and qualifications across the arts, music and drama. The networking events will also be an opportunity to explore how Trinity can support your CEP’s aims more broadly.

Whether you are part of your local CEP representing an education setting, community organisation or the arts and cultural sector, you’ll take away from these networking events ideas for delivery, inspiration for collaboration, tips for advocating for Arts Award in your networks and the sense of being part of a national conversation around the arts.

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What is Arts Award?

Arts Award is a range of unique qualifications that supports anyone aged up to 25 to grow as artists and arts leaders, inspiring them to connect with and take part in the wider arts world through taking challenges in an art form activity.

Progressing through the five levels, young people get to:
  • discover the enjoyment of creating and participating in arts activities
  • experience arts events
    develop creative and communication skills that are essential for success in 21st century life
  • explore the work of artists and craftspeople and gain insights into the professional arts world
    gain experience and knowledge to help progress into further education and employment.
Find out more about the impact of Arts Award on young people.

Arts Award can be built around an existing arts offering, rather than starting new activities from scratch, and means you can tailor learning to a group of young people, no matter what their experience, passions and skills. Arts Award is entirely achievable at the present time and special support is in place to help advisers to develop programmes that work for their setting within the current COVID restrictions.


Be part of a national CEP conversation with Arts Award

Over the coming months we'll be holding a series of online networking events to which all CEP members are invited to join. You can sign up for as few or as many as interest you. Our event themes will be responsive to your feedback and also to the Arts Council England's Let's Create strategy as it emerges.

Our upcoming network events are:


Bespoke CEP training and support from Arts Award

Arts Award offers a tailored information session for members of your CEP at a time convenient for participants. This can include:

  • Level refresher for those already trained
  • Tips for getting going
  • Telling real Arts Award stories to demonstrate the value and impact of delivery
  • Myth busting around common Arts Award questions

We think that these can be really useful and impactful sessions for CEPs, but don't just take our word for it! As a representative from the Sheffield CEP says

Talking with you was hugely useful - hearing what other CEPs are doing with Arts Awards and about particular focuses and studies that Trinity had done. We are pursuing the introduction of AA into PGCE courses as a result, and have developed our Arts Award strategy going forward.

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